Videos & annat media

Brottslighet i gallerior (2016), Sverigesradio, P1, Vania Ceccato & Sanda Tcacencu, KTH

Urban Planning and Safety (2015), Webcast – Katja Grillner & Vania Ceccato, KTH

Criminology and the Fundamental Attribution Error (2015) Stockholm Prize in Criminology, Winner 2015, Ronald V. Clarke (UK), slides

What is Harm, Crime in Financial Context – Introduction to Seminar “Finance, Harm and White Collar Crime” (2015), Vania Ceccato, KTH, David Whyte, The University of Liverpool, Tina Søreide, The Norwegian School of Economics, Norway, Gregg Barak, The Eastern Michigan University, USA, Manuel Aalbers, University of Leuven, Belgium, slides

Situational Crime Prevention and White Collar Crime (2015), Michael L. Benson, The University of Cincinnati, USA, slides

Organizing Tax Avoidance in Large Corporations (2015), Nubia Evertsson, The Stockholm University, Sweden, slides

Secondary Victimization of Professionals Accused of White-Collar Crime (2015), Sofia Wikman, Technology Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University (SU), slides

Severe Tax Evasion and Organized Crime (2015), Pia Bergman, Skatteverket, Sweden, slides

The National Strategy for the Prevention of Financial Crime in Sweden (2015) Stefan Lundberg Chief Prosecutor Development Unit, Ekobrottsmyndigheten, Sweden, slides

Prospects of Corruption Control: A Cross-Country Perspective (2015) Tina Søreide, The Norwegian School of Economics, Norway, slides

The Morality of Neo-liberalism: State-Corporate Corruption and Violence (2015) David White, The University of Liverpool, UK, slides

Situational crime prevention: Current controversies and future directions (2015) Shane Johnson and Kate Bowers

Global Crime is Down but are We Safer? (2014), Crosstalks – Jerzy Sarnecki, Stockholm University, Vania Ceccato & Mads Dam, KTH

The Importance of Place in Policing, Stockholm Prize in Criminology, Winner 2010, David Weisburd (Israel and USA), slides

Crisis Management and Urban Security (2010), Security Matters, Eric Stern, Swedish Defence University, slides

Fear of Crime: Meaning, Measurement and the Impact of Neighbourhood (2010), Security Matters, Jonathan Jackson, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, slides

Crime and Urban Design (2010), Bill Hillier, University of London, UK, slides

Safe on the Move: The Importance of the Built Environment (2010), Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, UCLA Department of Urban Planning, USA, slides

Ecological Analysis of Small Area Offence and Offender Data (2010), Robert Haining, University of Cambridge, UK, slides

Community, Security and Distributive Justice (2010), Nick Tilley, Jill Dando Institute, UCL, UK, slides

Youth,Violence and Drug Trafficking in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2010), Alba Zaluar, NUPEVI/ IMS/ UERJ, Brazil, slides

Hammarby Sjöstad from a CPTED Point of View (2010), Bo Grönlund, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark, slides

Idealistic Intention or Realistic Response? Exploring Various Responses to Urban Security in South Africa (2010), Security Matters, Karina Landman, University of Pretoria, South Africa, slides