External Webinars: Security and society – Post pandemic

What are the security implications of national lockdowns? – Webinar 31 March, 16:30 Swedish time

Is security delivering (or failing) in this crisis? – Webinar 2 April, 16:30 Swedish time

What does remote working mean for security? – Webinar 7 April, 16:30 Swedish time

Rethinking the role of women in security: where do we go from here? – Webinar 14 Apri, 16:30 Swedish time

Protecting the public: is security really playing a meaningful role? – Webinar 16 April, 16:30 Swedish time

Patterns of fraud, cyber and economic crimes during the crisis: what do we do now? – Webinar 30 April, 16:30 Swedish time

Protecting public spaces: what are the implications of Covid-19? – Webinar 7 May, 16:30 Swedish time

Responding to fraud and economic crime: Where can we look for good practice post-Covid-19? – Webinar 12 May, 16:30 Swedish time

Planning for the ‘new normal’: Positioning security teams to contribute strategic value – Webinar 19 May, 16:30 Swedish time


COVID-19 – Cooperating in a crisis: A conference series for local authorities



Is European cooperation still relevant? – Webinar 12 May, 14:00 Swedish time

How does the extremist threat evolve in the pandemic? – Webinar 14 May, 14:00 Swedish time

How to adapt and manage public spaces after lockdown? – Webinar 19 May, 14:00 Swedish time

How to adapt the end of lockdown to the specific needs of disadvantaged neighborhoods? – Webinar 22 May, 14:00 Swedish time

Using technologies to control the pandemia: Could privacy also be a victim of covid19? – Webinar 26 May, 14:00 Swedish time


High Volume Transport Applied Research 

The impact of COVID-19 on women in transport – Webinar 15 May, 15:00 Swedish Time