Changes in routine activity and security: What have we learned?

This moment feels unprecedented. The North American historian Doris K Goodwin reminds us that what makes is so hard to absorb is that the majority of us have never seen a situation that so severely disrupts our daily routines. It is true. Urban life has dramatically changed as more people stay at home, fewer are on the streets and social distancing became the new order.

These podcasts are about what we —as researchers or practitioners – have already learned about this unprecedented moment.

We reflect on what has already happened and what is to come, “our best guesses”. Anxieties and limitations as individuals and professionals are impressed in the voices of experts from rural Sweden to NYC, India, or Africa. They spell out the fear of contagion, loss of jobs, security norms and social, political instability, and many other real and unreal threats.

They also provide hope – as they give voices to people that are working full speed to understand and deal with pressing problems, in the hope we can be better prepared for similar challenges in the future.

All speakers highlighted the importance of knowledge as essential in this process of adapting our lives to this new reality. These podcasts are our humble contribution to this ongoing collective knowledge building.

Warmly welcome to listen and give us feedback, thank you!

Vania Ceccato

Safeplaces Network


WEEK 1 (30th March – 3rd April) 

Malin Bergqvist, Jan Landström


WEEK 2 (6th April – 10th April) 

Marcus Felson, Jerzy Sarnecki, Anders Östlund


WEEK 3 (13th April – 17th April) 

Mangai Natarajan, Jenny Westerstrand, Melker Labory


WEEK 4 (20th April – 24th April) 

Karina Landman, Miao Xu, Marcelo Ryngelblum


WEEK 5 (27th April – 1st May) 

Juma Assiago, Carolyn Whitzman, John Maynard


WEEK 6 (4th May – 8th May) 

Hugo d’Arbois de Jubainvilles, Amir Farihadi


WEEK 7 (11th May – 15th May)

Elizabeth Johnston, Joseph Donnermeyer


WEEK 8 (18th May – 22nd May)

Subeh Chowdhury, Mateja Mihinjac, Åsa Lennerö