KTH course “Safety in the Making”, (AG1168) 7.5 credits

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Security and security are a human right- to feel free from risk and fear is vital for all people. A secure environment facilitates in meeting fundamental individual needs- a secure accommodation and a secure urban environment that allows free movement. The risk to become a crime victim involves a threat against this fundamental right. Depending on who you are, when and where you are- all this together- define the risk to become a crime victim. In this course, we look on how interdependency between individuals’ age, sex, ethnic background and identity create barriers and impediments related to security. For example, certain individuals and groups in society which are more vulnerable to crime than others, and certain places that have higher crime records than other parts of the city. Further, we look at specific physical and social characteristics of these places in relation to crime. The starting-point is that the environment is not a crime determinant but rather a condition, something that encourages or sometimes discourages crime. If we can understand these conditions better, we can increase the opportunities in a more successful way to work with challenging public environments. We review critically more than three decades of theories of crime and environments as a way to build knowledge on more conscious actions during planning for safe environments.

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Course coordinator: Prof. Vania Ceccato


PhD KTH course: Spatial data analysis in practice – SDAP, FAG3170

Course fee: SEK 8.000, spring term 2022. This course is organised by Vania Ceccato, Department of Urban Planning and Built Environment at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment at KTH.

Date: April to June 2022.

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Venue:  Safeplaces Network, at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment at KTH, Stockholm

Contact person: Vania Ceccato