Aim & objectives

The aim of the Safeplaces network is to improve the knowledge base on situational crime prevention among local actors in Sweden, which can ultimately work towards the creation of safer environments. This aim is achieved by:

  • Information and knowledge sharing -Sharing information and research findings among experts involved in local crime prevention, such as safety coordinators, police, security managers, urban planners and other practitioners.
  • Tailored education – Supply of tailored courses to improve knowledge basis in situational conditions of crime and methodological skills among KTH students and continued education for planners and practitioners.
  • Research development – Research development devoted to the topic of crime and place, situational conditions of crime and crime prevention initiatives in cooperation with national stakeholders.
  • Practice evaluation – Evaluation of what does or does not work (practices) in in situational crime prevention informed by principles gender and social equality and safety as individuals’ right.
  • National hub of knowledge and information – Providing a link between stakeholders in academia and society in general.
  • National hub with international links – Establishing and reinforcing links with international networks by providing courses abroad as well as organising national and international workshops, conferences and arenas of knowledge diffusion in Sweden.