Patterns of fraud, cyber and economic crimes during the crisis: what do we do now? – Webinar 30 April, 16:30 Swedish time

On behalf of Prof Martin Gill, Outstanding Security Performance Awards, Säkraplatser nätverket welcomes you to a series of webinars. The next webinar is 30th April 2020, Thursday 16:30, Swedish time (15:30 BST).

Webinar 30 April, 16:30 Swedish time

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Any period of upheaval presents opportunities for offenders, and what was clear from a previous webinar is that this is true for fraudsters and cybercriminals. Governments have reported seeing a growing use of COVID-19 related themes by offenders, while the move to remote working is facilitating the opportunity for offenders to exploit known vulnerabilities in VPNs and other remote working tools and software. It has been said they have counterfeited equipment designed to tackle the virus exploiting people’s fears in the process. But what has been happening in this prolific field of activity that has largely escaped public focus and what do we do now?

• What sorts of crimes are taking place in this period of upheaval?
• What approaches are offenders taking? How are they different?
• What are we learning about how we can best respond?

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