Responding to fraud and economic crime: Where can we look for good practice post Covid-19? – Webinar 12 May, 16:30 Swedish time

On behalf of Prof Martin Gill, Outstanding Security Performance Awards, Säkraplatser nätverket welcomes you to a series of webinars. The next webinar is 12th May 2020, Tuesday 16:30, Swedish time (15:30 BST).

Webinar 12th May, 16:30 Swedish time

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In previous webinars the realities of a flourishing environment of opportunities for different types of economic crime offenders was laid bare. We should not be surprised that early statistics on crime patterns are bearing this out. We know many types of offenders seek new opportunities, fraudsters in particular perhaps, and a context where people are scared, unsettled, looking for answers/help/reassurance is ripe for knowledge fraudsters to exploit their trade. In this webinar we invite four panellists who have been involved in judging or winning the Tackling Economic Crime Awards (the TECAs) to assess the current state of affairs, how they are likely to unfold, and the implications for tackling offending post-Covid-19. Topics to be discussed include:

• What does the latest evidence tell us about patterns of offending?
• How well or badly have those responsible for preventing economic crime performed in the crisis?
• What should happen post-Covid-19 and why?

Mike Haley, Chief Executive Officer at CIFAs (UK)
Mark McAuley, Head of Counter Fraud Operations at Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (UK)
Claire Jenkins, Forensic Accountant at Companies House (UK)

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