2020 - 2023

Palestra”Cidades seguras na prática”  (August 2022)

Stockholm Criminology Symposium (June 2022)

Risky places for crime  (21 January – 18th November 2021)

Säkraplatser Priser (29 october 2021)

Book: Transit Crime and Sexual Violence in Cities (2020)

Colloquium: Safety, Resilience & community (29 september 2020)

Plenary session: Safety and community readiness  (Video)

Chair: Vania Ceccato, KTH, Sweden

Trygghet och säkerhet i staden och på landet (Video)

Chair: William Wikström, BRÅ, The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, Sweden

Security and resilience in rural areas (Video)

Chair: Richard Yarwood, University of Plymouth, UK

Victimization and crime prevention in rural areas around the world (Video)

Chair: Alistair Harkness, University of New England, Australia

Urban Planning and Crime Prevention (Video)

Chair: Krister Olsson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Crime and threats against farmers (Video)

Chair: Catharina Alwall Svennefelt, SLU, Sweden

Environmental crime and governance (Video)

Chair: Charlotta Thodelius, Chalmers University/Safeplaces West, Sweden

Women abuse and agency in rural areas (Video)

Chair: Susanne Stenbacka, Uppsala University, Sweden

Crime prevention, education and innovative methods (Video)

Chair: Asifa Iqbal, Högskolan i Gävle, Sweden

Resident-based Safety Planning in Small Municipalities (Video)

Chair: Mateja Mihinjac, International CPTED Association, Slovenia