Videos of plenary sessions and selected parallel sessions

Videos of plenary sessions and selected parallel sessions

Day 1

Opening ceremony: (Video) Welcome and introduction to the conference

Vania Ceccato, Maria Håkansson (KTH), Alice Marshall and Klara Folkesson (KTH) and Karin Svanberg (BRÅ)

Plenary session: The right to safe public places: Current trends & practices (Video)

Liz Kelly, London Metropolitan University, UK, Fiona Vera-Gray, Durham University, UK, Juma Assiago, The Safer Cities Programme at UN-Habitat.  Chair: Mahesh Nalla, Michigan State University, USA

Session: Ageing, disability and safety (Video)

Catherine Sundling, Vanessa Stjernborg, Roya Bamzar (see program of the conference for affiliation)

Plenary session: Individual’s agency: Sexual crimes and example of supporting infrastructures (Video)

Karin Johansson and Johanna Aust, filmmaker, FlickFilm, Germany, Jenny Westerstrand, The National Organization for Women’s Shelters, Sweden.

Plenary session: Women and violence from a global perspective (Video)

Elisabeth Löfgren, UN Women National Committee, Sweden; Supreet Singh. The Safe city initiative, India.
Chair: Madeline Brozen, UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, USA.

Plenary session: Women, violence and space (Video)
Vânia Ceccato, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Jenny Westerstrand, The national organization for women’s shelters, Sweden.
Chair: Carolyn Whitzman, The University of Melbourne, Australia.

Panel debate: Unsettling Conversation: The politics of fear and safety – dealing with uncertainties in planning. (Video)

Panelists: Annika Kanyama, Jonathan Metzger, Erik Stenberg and Vânia Ceccato. Chair: Catharina Gabrielsson, Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment – CHS 

Day 2

Parallel session:Transit safety II: Los Angeles, London, Milan and São Paulo (Video)

Madeline Brozen, Reka Solymosi and Andrew Newton, Serena Favarin, Paula Santoro. Chair: Hugo d’Arbois de Jubainville, National Observatory Crime and Criminal Justice Responses (ONDRP), France.

Parallel session: Safety, gender and urban planning (Video)

Plenary session: Violence and the (in)tangible city: buildings, movement and people (Video)

Prof Katja Grillner starts the session and presents the KTH based FATALE.

Transit crime, the built environment and gender differences (Video)

Prof Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, UCLA

USA Sexual harassment in public spaces in India: An analysis of perceptions of victims and self-reported offenders (Video)

Prof Mahesh Nalla, Michigan State University.

Final debate: Research agenda and policy. Final comments (Video)

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Supreet Singh, India Juma Assiago, Mahesh Nalla, Hugo d’Arbois de Jubainville

Chair: Fiona Vera-Gray; Final comments: Carolyn Whitzman