Protecting public spaces: what are the implications of Covid-19? – Webinar 7 May, 16:30 Swedish time

On behalf of Prof Martin Gill, Outstanding Security Performance Awards, Säkraplatser nätverket welcomes you to a series of webinars. The next webinar is 7th May 2020, Thursday 16:30, Swedish time (15:30 BST).

Webinar 7th May, 16:30 Swedish time

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We are all acutely aware that things will be different as we return, gradually, to a state that approaches a new normal. One of the prime concerns of all parties, indeed the main one, is keeping people safe when they are in locales that involve meeting others, this includes public spaces, offices, stores, leisure facilities and so on. Protecting people is the raison d’être of security, but how will this be approached? What will be the guiding framework? How can we define the guiding principles? This webinar will include the expertise of designers and architects to discuss:

• What immediate issues has the coronavirus pandemic presented for public and private spaces, and how have these issues had an impact on security?
• Longer term, what significant changes might we expect in how public and private spaces are used and planned, and how might these changes influence security What measures have been implemented, in different settings, that have made a significant difference and what design and security issues will need to be addressed in the near- and long-term?

Kevin Bingham, Council Member of International Union of Architects (South Africa)Natalie Mossin, Head of Institute, Institute of Architecture and Technology, KADK (Denmark)
Thomas Vonier, President, International Union of Architects (France)

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